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JSCAS is an association of amateur astronomers dedicated to the study and enjoyment of astronomy since 29 May 1967.

South East Houston Astronomy Club

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January 13th Meeting -  David Haviland, JSCAS/FBAC -“How a trip to see STS-127 lift off, ended up being dive into Saturn Rocket History”

January 28th - Outreach event, Clear Falls High School. Sunset 5:56, twilighte end 6:21. First quarter Moon, 51% Lit. - POSTPONED due to weather.


February 4th (Sat) - Haak Winery Outreach Event

February 10th Meeting -  Dr. Hartzel Gillespie, “An Introduction to Mars’s Wild Yet Familiar Weather”


March 4th (Sat) - Magnolia Creek Golf Course outreach event.

March 10th Meeting - Justin McCollum, FBAC, "Will JWST Rewrite the Book of Astrophysics and Cosmology?"

March 16th - 19th (Thurs to Sat) - Club Gathring at Ft. McKavett then,

March 19th to the 22nd (Sunday to Weds) - XBar Ranch


April 1st (Sat) - Haak Winery Outreach Event

April 14th Meeting -  Bruce Pollard (NHAC) - "Lightwaves and Their Uses".

April 16th to April 20th - JSCAS Trip to the XBar Ranch

April 20, 2023 Total eclipse in Western Australia (Eclipse Tours)

April 28th (Fri) - Haak Winery Outreach Event


May 12th Meeting - Aaron Clevenson, HNAC & Insperity - "Mysteries of the Universe".

May 14th - May 20th, 2023 - Texas Star Party

May 19th (Friday), Star Party @ UH-Clear Lake - 7pm-12am.


June 9th Meeting - JSCAS - "A Series of Short Presentations by JSCAS Members"

June 24th (Sat) - Haak Winery Outreach Event


July 14th Meeting - Dr. David Kring - Lunar Planetary Institute - "The Astrogeology of the Artemis Exploration Zone".

July 22nd FISE/United Space Schoool Gathering and Star Party. Please see front page for details.


August 11th Meeting - David Haviland - "My Journey in Taking Lunar Images - an update." 

August 26th (Sat) - Haak Winery Outreach Event


September 8th Meeting - Rich Wilbourn - 'Introductuon to Astrophotography for Photographers'..

September 8th to 16th - Okie Tex Star Party

September 22nd - Stargazing at Evelyn Meador Library

September 23rd - Stargazing in Pomona - Manvel


October 9th - 14th, 2023 - The Eldorado Star Party

October 12th-15th - Club Gathering at Ft. McKavett (intended to include the annular solar eclipse on the 14th)

October 13th Meeting - Likely cancelled

October 14th - Annular Eclipse in Texas

October 21st International Observe the Moon night at the George Observatory 5-10pm.

October 21st - UHCL and Physics Astronomy Club - IOTM 6:30-10:30 at UHCL-STEM building


November 7th (Tues) - Star party UHCL.

November 8th - Bayside Intermediate (CCISD) - time TBD

November 10th Meeting - Marc DeChellis - "Skylab Mission and Solar Science".

November 18th (Sat) - Haak Winery Outreach Event


December 8th Meeting - TBA



January 12th - Rodney Rocha -JSCAS- "Sir Isaac Newton Comes to the Rescue: Gravitational Singularities(?), Dyson Spheres, Dark Matter, and More--No Relativity or Quantum Mechanics Needed


February 9th - TBA


March 8th - TBA


April 4th through the 6th - Club Gathering at Ft. McKavett - Astronomers can stay over on Sunday night, leaving Monday to view the nearby total eclipse. (Line of totality is within 30 miles east of the Fort.). April 8th - Total Eclipse in Texas

April 8, 2024 - Total eclipse by JSCAS, both cruise from Baja California and a separate tour from Mazatlan, Mexico (Eclipse Tours)

April 12th - TBA


May 10th - TBA


June 14th - TBA


July 12th - TBA



Oct 8, 2024 Annular solar eclipse in Argentina (Eclipse Tours)