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JSCAS is an association of amateur astronomers dedicated to the study and enjoyment of astronomy since 29 May 1967.

South East Houston Astronomy Club

We are looking for some good speakers to present to our Club. If you are interested please contact us at




January 12th - Meeting - Rodney Rocha -JSCAS- "Sir Isaac Newton Comes to the Rescue: Gravitational Singularities(?), Dyson Spheres, Dark Matter, and More--No Relativity or Quantum Mechanics Needed


February 9th - Meeting - Charles Armstrong - “Exploring Pluto and Arrokoth (Ultima Thule)”

February 23rd - Friday - Evelyn Meador Library - 8 to 9 pm - meet in the parking lot.

February 25th - Sunday - Observe the Moon night, Challenger Park - 7:30 to 9:30pm - head for the big parking lot next to the learning center building.


March 8th - Meeting - James Wooten, FBAC/HMNS - "The Great Texas Eclipse of 2024" plus JSCAS member DIY's and minutes!

March 15th - Friday - Haak Winery, 6-10 pm.


April 4th through the 6th - Club Gathering at Ft. McKavett - Astronomers can stay over on Sunday night, leaving Monday to view the nearby total eclipse. (Line of totality is within 30 miles east of the Fort.). April 8th - Total Eclipse in Texas

April 8, 2024 - Total eclipse by JSCAS, both cruise from Baja California and a separate tour from Mazatlan, Mexico (Eclipse Tours)

April 12th - Meeting - TBA

April 19th - Friday - Haak Winery, 6-10pm.


May 10th - Meeting is cancelled and the talk is POSTPONED... '

May 17th - Friday - Haak Winery, 6-10pm.


June 14th - Meeting - Brandon Reddell - TBA


July 12th - Meeting - Phil Stuart - "The Sol'ex Spectroheliograph"

July 13th - Saturday - Haak Winery, 6-10pm


August 9th - Meeting - TBA

August 16th - Friday - Haak Winery, 6-10 pm.


September 13th - Meeting - Leonard Ferguson, FBAC, "Europa Clipper Mission"

September 14th - Saturday - Haak Winery, 6-10pm

September 27th to Oct 5th - Okie-Tex Star Party


October 4th - Friday - Haak Winery, 6-10pm

October 8, 2024 Annular solar eclipse in Argentina (Eclipse Tours)

October 11th - Meeting -TBA

October 12th - Observe the Moon night at the George - Tentative

October 24th to 27th - Tentative Club Trip to Ft. McKavett

October 28th to November 2nd - Eldorado Star Party


November 1st - Friday - Haak Winery, 6-10pm.

November 8th - Meeting - TBA


December 13th - Meeting - TBA