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JSCAS is an association of amateur astronomers dedicated to the study and enjoyment of astronomy since 29 May 1967.

South East Houston Astronomy Club

We are looking for some good speakers to present to our Club. If you are interested please contact us at




January 14th - Dr. Aaron Clevenson, NHAC - "Your First Astronomical Instrument".


February 11th - Steve Flanders (Palomar Observatory) - "Building The Palomar Observatory, 1928 to 1949"

Feb 2022 Aurora Viewing #23 in Alaska (Eclipse Tours)


March 4th - Outreach event at the Haak Winery.

March 11th - Larry McHenry - "E.E. Barnard and His Dark Nebula"

March 12th - Outreach event at Magnolia Creek Golf Club - see club emails for details

March 26th through Wednesday March 30th JSCAS Star Party at the XBAR Ranch, and some may move to the weekend at Ft. McKavett, from March 31st to April 3rd - at Fort McKavett - Folks can do BOTH events at this combined event.


April 8th - Leonard Ferguson & Anne Wargetz, FBAC - “Open Lines: Reflections”

April 22nd or 23rd, Parker Williams Library Group at El Franco Lee Park (off the feeder at the south beltway)


May 13th - Short DIY Astronomy Talks by Treavor Quinn (Eldorado-McKavett trip), Doug Holland (XBar Ranch/McKavett Images), Paul Maley (Solar Eclipse Update), Jeff Stone (Laser Astronomy), Chris Wells (Narrowband Imaging), and Chris Wells with a Land Sea & Sky members minute. 


June 4th - DOBAPALOOZA -Sidewalk Astronomy Fest at Land, Sea, & Sky,  1925A Richmond Ave, Houston.   Dobs n Donuts 10am to Noon, Lunar Viewing 4-7 pm.  

June 10 - David Haviland, JSCAS, "EAA At the George Observatory" + other short talks by JSCAS members.


July 8th - TBA (Will conflict with HAS meeting)

July 9th - Haak Winery Outreach Event 


August 12th - TBA


September 2nd - Haak Winery  Outreach Event.  

September 9th - TBA


October 14th - Leonard Ferguson - "Sudden Ionospheric Disturbances and Spaceweather"

Oct 2022 Aurora Viewing #24 in Alaska (Eclipse Tours)

October 20th - 22nd - Fort McKavett - Confirmed.

October 28th - Houston All Clubs Meeting (Friday)

October 29th - Houston Astronomy Day at the George Observatory


November 4th - Haak Winery Outreach Event  

November 11th - Paul Maley, JSCAS, - TBA


December 9th - TBA




April 20, 2023 Total eclipse in Western Australia (Eclipse Tours)

October 23rd - Annular Eclipse in Texas




April 8th - Total Eclipse in Texas

April 8, 2024 Total eclipse cruise from Baja California and a separate tour from Mazatlan, Mexico (Eclipse Tours)

Oct 8, 2024 Annular solar eclipse in Argentina (Eclipse Tours)